South Africa’s coastline features a beautiful variety of landscapes, stretching from the semi-desert border with Namibia to the subtropical wetlands that border with Mozambique in the North.

The West Coast is primarily influenced by the icy Benguela sea current, which flows up from the Antarctic. The result is a barren and sparsely populated landscape beloved by those who love the absence of humanity. As far as interesting landscape features go there isn’t really much to photograph and thus you won’t find much of the West Coast in my gallery.

The Benguela current collides with the warm Indian Ocean current at the Southern Tip of Africa, roughly 200km East of Cape Town. Travelling up along the coastline from this point reveals remarkable change as the water of the Indian Ocean warms up. At the Southern Tip of Cape Agulhas the landscape is that of a typically dry mediterranean area, becoming ever more green, eventually ending in the subtropical wetlands of iSimangaliso, some 2000km to the North.

I chose to include the seascapes of Cape Town and it’s immediate surrounds in the Cape Gallery as a gallery of Cape Town without seascapes would be totally incomplete.

While I have a great love for the mountains and the desert, the ocean will always be where my heart is. It is the landscape I find easiest to connect with and the one that I find the most engaging and peaceful.

I run frequent workshops and tours to South Africa’s top seascape destination such as Hole in the Wall, Arniston, Kogelbay and Cape Town. These workshops usually sell out instantly, so booking early is crucial in securing a spot. Please get in touch to find out about upcoming tours.